Our Appreciation

Educo Adventure School: Donate-Comminity of Heart

On each Educo summer course, we hold an Appreciation Ceremony: staff honour each student with a verbal appreciation of their character. We believe it is important to practice appreciation regularly. It brings out the best in people! And so, we appreciate our supporters – you make the extraordinary possible!

The Community of Heart represents alumni, friends of Educo, generous strangers and Educo staff who give to Educo to sustain the organization, care for the wild and beautiful land on which we run our courses and ensure that familes and students from all economic backgrounds can access Educo.

We thank all of our supporters in the Community of Heart!

John Babineau
Stuart Clark
Elsa Felker
Sarah Fleury
Sabrina French
Nicholas Gobin
Stephanie Gobin
Helen Gowans
Shane & Christine Jordaan
David & Shawna MacLeod
Willis & Heidi Read
Cathy Skelcher
Ann Skelcher
Monica Sparling

Over the past 4 years, the following individuals, families and organizations have given generously to ensure many students and families can access Educo.

Alex Tunner
April Laurie
BCCA Campership Award
Berns Galloway
Caelin Rose
Claudine Thonney
Douglas Drake
Elizabeth Menard
Felicity Churchill
Fiona Murphy
Fran Aitkins
Fred Jamin
Gary Dromarsky
Gemini Services
Glenda Carson (Barnbrook)
Jenn Horton
Jennifer Machado
John Fleury
Karlie Albrecht
Keeley Mitchell
Kevin Skelcher
Lara & Doug Beckett
Len Block
Leslie Britton
Leslie Ginther
Louise Amuir
Margaretha Willems
Marina Cecil
Michelle Miller
Monica Sparling
Nicole Desbiens
Paul Biscop
Paul Travassos
Robin Strong
Rochelle Dallaire
Rotary Club of 100 Mile House
Sarah Fleury & Ashanti Fraser
Sherry Goodwyn
Stephanie Gobin
Steve Evans
Stuart Clark
Sue McManus
Suzanne Moshrefzadeh
Suzi Tevendale
Tara Smith
Taro Chiba
United Way
Xanon Jensen
Yummers En Route

Our vans are our chariots to the mountains. And when we say chariot, we mean chariot: our students are on a hero’s/heroine’s journey as they head to the mountains to tackle steep hills and discover their courage, be it in sunshine or storm. These chariots are our means to the magic of the mountains.

In 2014, we set a goal to purchase a new van. The following families and individuals helped us meet that goal and in July 2014, we introduced a new Ford 15-passenger Van to our fleet (pictured above with our 2014 staff team). A big thank you to all our Van-Raisers!           

Anyaa Rose
Barbara & Ed Cheetham
Bedard Family
Christian Bedard
Claire & John Warrington
Clark Family
Daniel Hall
Fiona Murphy
FM Global
Garry’s Repair
Gibson-Block Family
Gobin-Rathbun Family
Ingrid Liepa
Jeannie Ham
Jesse Sullivan
John Babineau
John Sehmer
Jorge Coelho
Kailly Family
Lindsay Babineau
MacLeod Family
Mary Hawkins
Nicholas Gobin
Pat Graham and Bibi Zorkin
Read Family
Richard & Terry Parsons
Ron Thompson
Sallaway Family
Skelcher Family
Terri Jonuk
Tevendale-Cathro Family
Turner Cathcart Family
Waterous Family
Wayne, Jan & Taris Peace

Over the past 4 years, the folks below have contributed generously without restriction. We are grateful for the their belief in us and the work that we do!

Alex Tunner
Arizona Fraser
Ashanti Fraser & Sarah Fleury
C. Critoph & G. Urtusastegui
Donna Horton
Dr.Barbara Bienkowska
Elizabeth Rathbun & Bernard Gobin
Fiona Murphy
Gary Dromarsky
Gus Horne
Hillas Family
Ilka Graefin von Platen-H
John Sehmer
Kevin Wilson
Leslie Ginther
Linda Brown & Gernot Zemanek
Lindsay John & Lindsay Mary Babineau
Monica McMahon
Montane Forestry Consultants Ltd
Nevin Boyd
Provincial Employees Community Fund
Rick & Helen Takagi
Rick Pardo
Ron Thompson
Ron Thompson
S. Moshrefzadeh
Shaun Cathcart & Scott Turner
Silent Rock Contracting (Dean Oshanek)
Toni Solomon
United Way Directed Employee Gifts
Interior Gardens