Major Projects Fund


As we look forward to 2021 programming, it’s clear we’ll need to make some major adjustments gear-wise in order to run courses. Stuffing three, four, or even five students into a classic Educo tent (MEC Nunatak or Tarn) just isn’t going to cut it in these new times. In response to COVID-19 the outdoor industry is currently leaning towards shelters that are more tarp-like to allow air flow and light enough to make greatly reducing the number of sleepers per tent feasible. We already have five shelters (pictured above and affectionately referred to as “mids” due to the single middle pole) that match that description. However we’ll need to double that number in order for two groups to be in the mountains at once. 

Donations to our Major Projects Fund throughout this month will go towards the purchase of five new mids. Fun fact: they come in blue now instead of purple. Depending on sales, any discounts we may be able to negotiate, and USD conversion rates, each new mid will cost between $350-$400 CAD. If 50 families give $20 that would take us halfway there! 

If you’ve practiced patience and teamwork through learning how to set up one of these; if you’ve appreciated falling asleep to the sound of rain falling on this pyramid-style fly; if you’ve just generally loved getting out there into the backcountry (or hearing about your kids doing so) – please consider making a donation to help keep the magic of Educo out trips alive.