March 24, 2020  |  COVID-19 Update

As you likely already know, Educo is a place where youth can let loose, have fun, and be accepted for who they are. It’s also a place where they can develop the habit of responding to change and challenges with strength and positivity. We’re watching as the situation develops with COVID-19 to ensure we can continue to hold that space when it is once again appropriate to do so. 

After a lot of thought and research, we’ve made the difficult decision to keep the Educo site closed through May 31st, 2020.  We will be reaching out directly to all partner organizations and schools that have bookings in May to discuss options.

We are following guidelines provided by public health authorities and monitoring recommendations from the BC Camping Association. The health and safety of our students, staff, and community members is our highest priority; all our subsequent decisions will be made with this in mind. 

Based on the current guidelines and recommendations, we plan to open the site for school and community group programs on June 1st and continue with our open-enrollment programs in July and August. 

If you are currently registered or are considering registering, please rest assured that any deposits and/or course fees will be reimbursed in the event that we have to cancel your program due to COVID-19.

We will provide an update every other week regarding potential changes to our 2020 program schedule. The fluidity of information on COVID-19 is unprecedented, so if significant information is available before our scheduled update we will provide it as it comes in. 

In the meantime, remember: it takes a little bit of solitude, and a whole lot of gratitude, and a truly loving attitude, to live in this world today 🎶

Sending love from our homes to yours,

The Educo Team