I grew up on the Northern beaches of Sydney Australia and have always loved being in and around water. Throughout my school life I played a lot of different sports including soccer, rugby union, basketball, volley ball and cross country running. However, my main focus was rowing where I learnt a lot about my own capabilities, perseverance, the essentials of team work, delayed gratification and commitment to a goal.

I have completed my Bachelor of Business and worked as a corporate accountant for 2 years. Eventually my desire to help others and love of health and fitness drew me back to being a personal trainer. It wasn’t long before I moved into the outdoor guide industry where I was able to share my passion for the outdoors with others. I love the opportunity to bring people closer to nature and provide a unique life experience. My technical skills include, hiking, abseiling, canyoning, rock climbing, alpine touring and cross-country skiing.

Travel is another big influencer of my world view. I love experience different cultures, natural environments and sharing moments with the people I meet along the way. From the plains of Africa to the tops of volcanos in Guatemala, I cherish each and every experience and how they have help to form me.

I’m looking forward to being a part of the shared experiences at Educo, where myself and the participants can grow together.