Student Fund

Educo Adventure School - Donate - Student Fund

The Educo Student Fund creates the opportunity for young people and their families who need it most to access Educo. The money we raise for this fund allows us to do two things:

1) Offer partial and full Educo Scholarships for specific “on the edge” youth identified by partner First Nation youth workers, social workers, counsellors, teachers, community leaders, etc. around the province.

2) Offer Price C (a subsidized price) as part of our Barrier-Free Tiered Pricing System: families can privately select the price they wish to pay for a course with no questions asked to the family should they choose the “Subsidy Price” option. Educoʼs programs are already considerably less expensive than similar length courses offered by Outward Bound and other organizations but even at these rates, parents often find it hard to cover the costs.

Additionally, in this economy, we must expand our outreach efforts to the increasing numbers of families in need. Many loggers, resource workers, unemployed people, and business owners who have recently lost income would love the chance to send their son or daughter off to discover a sense of inner resilience and excitement at an Educo course but they simply cannot afford to do so. We feel that this tiered pricing option will allow families to create opportunities for their children in a dignified way.

We feel that courses filled with a variety of students from different backgrounds have the best capacity to transform the individuals.