Annual General Meeting 2016

Come on out to hear our report on the last year and learn about where Educo is headed! Cast your vote for the leaders who will guide Educo forward on the board of directors.

When: Over dinner (6pm-8:30pm) at the Spring Clean-up Weekend on May 7th, 2016
Where: Main Cabin at the Educo Adventure School Program Site on Lil’ Holden Lake

Election of the Board of Directors
This year, the following directors are standing for re-nomination as their 1 year terms have ended: (Click on their name to see their bio)
1) Brodie Drake
2) Dave MacLeod

We also welcome a few new nominees! You can get ready to vote and read all about them here (click on their name to see their bio):

1) Chris Pettman
2) Stuart Clark

The following board members will continue their 2 year terms and are not up for re-election (click on their name to see their bio):
1) Dani Kidston
2) Chris Nowotony
3) Heidi Read
4) Tristan Read
5) Ann Skelcher

We are very grateful for the work and contributions of Terri Jonuk and Gernot Zemanek, who will be stepping down as their terms come to a close in May. We are glad to know they will be nearby and look forward to their continued friendship and participation in the community in other ways. Thank you Gernot and Terri!

Last Year’s Minutes
Missed last year’s AGM or have you forgotten the great debates of 2015?
2015 AGM Minutes

Updates since the 2015 AGM
At last year’s AGM, we had the good fortune of having more than enough nominees for the positions open on the board. Through great discussion, the membership determined that an election without pre-knowledge of the nominees was difficult. The membership moved to approve all nominees and let the board members determine who would step down and contribute in another, non-board member capacity. Justin Bedard graciously stepped down and welcomed the relief of responsibility as he is working hard as Executive Director of the Jump! Foundation. We appreciate Justin’s hard work and contributions to our board over the last few years. Thank you Justin!