My name is Stefanie. I have been working with Educo since 2009. It is a place dear to my heart, not only as a place, but in all its philosophy in working with youth. I believe in Educo both as a place and a philosophy that attempts to give young people a taste of something beyond themselves, a glimpse into the possibility of who they can become in the world, and what living a life oriented with the heart can look like.

Working at Educo has led me on a path of education, traveling the world (Educo South Africa, JUMP Southeast Asia, and Mahinda United World College India) searching for ways to understand and better appreciate the complexities of working with systems and systemic oppression and violence. The learning I have received from these experiences has motivated me to be in Canada and respond to the challenges present here.

In these times, Educo’s existence, seems all the more relevant as this country looks at
reconciliation, healing traumas of the past and the ever present capital and material driven
narratives of our government colliding with the very real environmental changes happening on the planet.

I believe Educo is being called forth to change, to become a place, and an organization that responds to these challenges through its work with youth. It has always been on the front edge of youth work and inspired those in its community to believe in the work of the wilderness, the work of relationships and the power of connection. More than ever, these experiences are needed in the lives of youth today.

As a new board member, I offer my experience both as a long time Educo staff member and as an educator, bringing my other work, in environmental and place based education, rites of passage and eco-research, to the team.