Educo Adventure School – Board Member, Kris Archie

I’m Kris Archie, a proud Secwepemc from Tsqescen. I am the Executive Director with the Circle on Philanthropy, am happily married to my partner Jr Olson (a fellow from 100 Mile) and have an 18 year old son, Shadowhawk, who was just a tiny baby in my belly the first time I walked upon Educo’s site. From the Little Holden lake docks edge to the ridge and all points between I felt at home. I am thrilled to be part of a small team of folks looking to engage with and increase connection to the broader Educo community, the local First Nations community out at Canim Lake and beyond.

I attended Educo as an alternate school student when I was 17 years old and a couple years later became home team and administrative staff. I was a young single mother at the time and the job opportunity was provided me with the space to become grounded in my strength and my land which continues to serve me well in  life as a parent, wife, community member and professional. I have spent my personal and professional years focused on increasing and actualizing child rights to be heard, be seen, be themselves and be safe. This focus has carried me from Educo to the provincial child advocates office, to the work of reclaiming Indigenous child welfare jurisdiction on Vancouver Island alongside 53 First Nations communities, to consulting with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. From my own consultancy to working in systems change at Vancouver Foundation I have worked to create space for the voices of those most impacted to have their say to influence and impact change at systems and community levels.

I value transparency, communication and relationship, to Creator, self, family, community and land. The work ahead with Educo creates multiple possibilities for alignment of these values of which I’m happy to be engaged in. My work in public advocacy, communications, change management, dialogue and civic engagement, navigating two worlds and raising conversations related to power, privilege, access, justice and equity are ones I look forward to putting to work for the Educo community to ensure that we continue to honour and build upon the 50 years behind us to dream into the next 50 years together.

In my spare time I probably watch more tv than I should, don’t call my parents often enough and consume too much sugar, but I’m always found with a book in my bag or at my bedside, have time for laughter, sharing a meal with friends and family, watching live music and have never regretted jumping into a lake.