New Directors and a New Website

We’re jumping with excitement to share a whole lotta great news with you. After a rigorous hiring process and lively discussions about Educo’s current needs, we are happy to announce our new directors.

Meet Jim, our new Executive Director
Educo Adventure School - New Executive Director - Jim FlomI can’t express how excited I am to be part the Educo legacy.  My passion for adventure education began with Hurricane Island Outward Bound School when I was in high school.  Outward Bound met me head on.

Since then, personal empowerment, adventure learning, and experiential education have been common strands in my previous career as a youthworker.  I played a key role launching the Philadelphia Outward Bound School, and sought out Outward Bound Canada when I came to Canada with my family some years ago. I was instructing OB courses when Educo caught my eye.

I was struck by the commonalities: Educo’s passion for challenge, for the wilderness “classroom,” for integrity, for the indomitable human spirit, for play, for transferring lessons in self discovery back home. Since coming on board, I have been deeply impressed with the devotion by Educo alumni, staff and students. I’m excited to get up to speed and to learn from each of you as I lead us forward.

Meet Ron, our new Program Director
Educo Adventure School - New Program Director - Ron Skene
I am thrilled to re-engage with the Educo Family and explore how new research in mindfulness and social emotional education can enhance the transformational impact of our programs. I bring an absolute passion for the ‘drawing forth’ process and the role that Educo can play in reinvigorating true education.  There is no greater gift than the realization of who & what you are, and to share that in an outdoor community like Educo is life changing.

Ron was the director of Educo during the 80’s & 90’s and was instrumental in initiating many of the ‘soft skills’ processes that are at the core of our programs.  Over the past decade he has been part of a team pioneering innovative social emotional education for students, teachers & families.  He is keen to meld this new research & understanding with our already powerful program model to create the most impactful transformative experience possible.

And of course, you may have noticed by now, but we have a NEW WEBSITE!
We’ve been working hard for the past 10 months with website designer Rudy Kehler from the Simplify Company.
With Rudy, we aimed to do 3 things with the new website:

  1. Make programs more accessible from the homepage;
  2. Simplify and organize the amount of information on the site;
  3. Make the magic of Educo easy to pick up from photos, quotes, blogs and more!

We hope you enjoy the new site as much as we do! A big thank you to Rudy for his generous donation of time and professional service to this project. Shoot us an email with your thoughts –

Finally, we have just passed the halfway mark for our “Forest for the Future” fundraiser!
Please consider making a donation at to take us to the finish line! We’ve got a surprise to release for you soon…

Best wishes and warmth as we begin a new year,

The Educo Board of Directors