Professional Development Days

Educo Adventure School, 100 Mile House BC - Professional Development Days

Offer your educators and/or school support staff a unique experience for their next professional development day! Choose from one of the following workshops. Each will be tailored to your school’s needs and ideas following conversation with you.

Personal Renewal and Recharge

Invest in your staff’s wellbeing. We will acknowledge their hard work and dedication to the vocation of education with exercises that ground and relax staff. Personal development work, self-care and reflective questioning will give staff the time and space to address the emotional barriers within themselves that prevent them from being present and connected – two important principles for vitality in mental health and work.

  • Suggested length: Full day or half day

Team-building & Interpersonal Skills Development

Give an opportunity to the teachers, leaders and support staff to become the student again! We offer a series of custom-tailored activities that provoke learning and thought in communication skills, relationship-building, team-work, personal and group leadership, conflict resolution, trust and appreciation. Focus the microscope on the pieces of human interaction that colour each and every day and school goals but that often are neglected in the busyness and hard work to see curriculum carried out and to see every student succeed.

  • Suggested length: Full Day

Developing Educators of Experiential and Social Emotional Learning

Expand the tool kit of your teachers and educators. This train-the-trainer workshop will give your educators new activities, debrief techniques, circle work methods and deepen their understanding of experiential and social emotional learning. Whether learning these skills for the first time or refreshing their experiential learning, educators will be able to enhance the learning environment in their classroom.

  • Suggested length: Full Day

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Professional Development Days
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