In Classroom Programs

Bring the Educo essentials and vibrant energy into your classroom or school!

Give your students a chance to learn hands-on with vibrant experiential facilitators. We draw forth students’ social emotional learning through group activities, play, authentic conversation, circle work and individual reflection.

Work with us to design a course focusing on any of the following life skills: communication, personal leadership, group leadership, teamwork, mentorship, relationship-building, gratitude and appreciation, mindfulness and more.

We bring awareness to students of their social and emotional experience at school and how they can take a leading role in shaping their experience. With personal and group tools in hand for the social emotional experience of school, students are able to focus in on their learning and let their curiosity flourish.

Cost of each program is dependent on your location, group size and our travel distance. Fill out the form below and we’ll send you a quote specific to your group. Costs include the wages of experienced facilitators, travel & accommodation costs and any course supplies. We endeavour where possible to book multiple programs in an area so travel costs can be shared by several groups.

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In-Classroom Programs
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