Hosted Conversations

Are you looking to be connected to your community? Do you have a project that needs authentic collaboration from community members?

Spark the conversation and we can help you with the form of engagement. Our experienced facilitators can assist you in:

  • designing and inviting people into conversations that promote belonging, meaningful engagement and creative strategizing;
  • crafting and asking powerful questions;
  • running meetings and events so they are fun, engaging and memorable;
  • employing various forms of engagement: Open Space, World Cafe, Appreciative Inquiry, collective intelligence and other methodologies and styles that encourage creative and meaningful participation

Our facilitators will help you lead your meetings to draw forth people’s authentics voices and to help participants navigate complexity and change while engaging with their fears.

We work passionately with youth in the mountains, guiding and offering opportunity for them to speak to each other and listen to each other in honest, caring and powerful ways. Putting down the electronic devices that make up our daily lives, we invite youth to practice speaking and listening in the oldest communication form: the human way. We invite you to do the same with your community and we are here to help.

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Hosted Conversations