Spring Clean-Up Weekend 2019

Saturday, May 4 – Sunday, May 5 2019

Invitation to arrive: Friday, May 3, after 7:30pm

Spring is here!!

That means…IT’S CLEAN UP TIME!

The snow is finally melting and it is time to gear up for another fabulous season. You are invited to join the staff team and the Board of Directors to help set up the Educo site. Join us May 2019 to dust off the cobwebs, till the soil, and throw open the shutters!

We want to be prepared for your arrival and ensure we have enough food. Let us know you’re coming!

Educo Adventure School, 100 Mile House, BC, Canada

Weekend Schedule

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F r i d a y
7:30pm Site is open for arrival!
S a t u r d a y
8am Breakfast
9am – 12:30pm Work Projects
12:30pm Lunch!
1 – 5pm Continue Work Projects
5 – 6pm Relax, Socialize!
6 – 8pm Dinner and Educo Updates
After Dinner Hang Out and Socialize (bring your guitars, voices, riddles)
S u n d a y
8am Breakfast
9 – 12:30pm Continue Work Projects and Educo Community Meeting
12:30pm Lunch
After Lunch Finish Projects and travel home

All meals are provided by Educo.

What To Bring:

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  1. Cabin space is available. Please bring your own bedding (it can be very cold at this time of year – be sure to bring warm clothes).
  2. Tools – Educo has some, but if you prefer to use your own, please bring them along
  3. Beverages of your choice for Saturday night.
  4. Tent (if you prefer over sleeping in a cabin).

Even if you can’t make it for the whole weekend, join us to hang out Saturday evening over dinner and hear the Educo updates and where we’re headed! During this weekend we will also hold our 2019 AGM. Come and cast your vote for the leaders who will guide Educo forward on the board of directors!

We’re excited to see you!

Spring Work Weekend

“Now in my early 20s, Educo remains that place where I connect to my core – the place that empowers me to be bold and ambitious in making our world a healthier place.”
– Former student and staff member