Men Pulling Together

Thursday, September 21 to Sunday, September 24, 2017

Join us for a celebration of manhood beyond the confines of social norms, expectations and limiting structures. A rare opportunity to ‘let ‘er rip’ in a wilderness setting far beyond evaluating eyes with the support & zaniness of your wild brothers.  Activities include high ropes, sweat lodge / sauna, canoe trip, breaking bread, song, silence, team building, out of the box conversation … and LOTS of gut wrenching laughter.  Open to any man ready & willing to cut lose, be vulnerable, jump in and trust your buddies as we all explore the edge of our (all too familiar) comfort zones.

The Men’s Weekend includes:

  • a Thursday night ‘Welcome’ Ceremony
  • 3 meals a day and snacks
  • Breakfast and Lunch on Sunday

And lots of fun!



Frequently Asked Questions

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“Educo exposes the light that every person has inside of them and Educo reveals that everyone has the strength needed to explore that light.”
– Former student and staff member