Summer (Arizona) Fraser, Course Leader

Summer (Arizona) Fraser, Educo Course Leader

As I sat down to write this I realized that I’ve been a part of the Educo community for more than half of my life. Like many of us, I began at Educo as a student before I transitioned to volunteer and then to staff member. As a student I experienced Educo as a place that balanced the seeming contradiction of teaching me self-acceptance while simultaneously pushing me to be the best version of myself possible.

Now, as a staff member, I am particularly interested in and enthusiastic about using our programs to teach resilience. In other words, exploring how time in the outdoors can help to build the habit of responding to change and challenges with strength and positivity. On a different level I also simply feel fortunate to have a job that involves people, wilderness, and adventure.

Each person on the staff team brings their own interests and personality to the courses they lead; mine tend to include relevant excerpts from literature, excitement about natural history (especially alpine wildflowers), and increased focus on navigation.

Summer holds certifications in Advanced Wilderness First Aid (90 Hours), Swiftwater Rescue, CPR-C, and Leave No Trace Ethics. She also has a Class 4 Driver’s License and a Bachelor of Psychology from UBC.