Stephanie Gobin, Outgoing Executive Director

steph-gobin1I arrived at Educo Adventure School first as a 13-year-old in the Intermediate Girls Program. For a city girl, the expanse of big sky and towering white clouds of the Cariboo felt spacious and freeing. Prior to that day, I could not have imagined where Educo would lead me. In fact, I cried the whole first afternoon of my first course, terrified of a new place and new people.

During my teenage years, illness in my immediate family brought uncertainty into my life. Unable to control the changes happening in my family and daily life, I responded to those closest to me with anger and ego. Educo was grounding – holding me capable of kindness and compassion to my self and others. Educo gifted me the opportunity to gain perspective of the challenges in my life from mountain peaks. Most importantly, I was introduced to a community of supportive staff and fellow students who were there to listen to me and encourage me.

I have chased lessons in leadership around the globe: during my social sciences undergraduate degree in Ottawa; on academic exchange and cultural immersion in Southern France; in an internship in Zambia that worked to turn foreign aid and development on its’ head; and on Rites of Passage courses with young adults in the Cape wilderness with Educo Africa.

During my time as director, if I have learned anything, it is that Educo IS the experiment: the experiment of leadership, living in uncertainty, love, taking risks, and community. I invite you to step out of the ordinary into the experiment: join us for an un-forgettable adventure at Educo this upcoming summer!

Update: I am ringing in the upcoming New Year with much transformation. I will be departing the Executive Director position for new life adventures with my partner, Jacob. I am committed to supporting the Educo board and staff through the transition to new leadership and extend a huge welcome to our new executive director, Ron Skene.

Stephanie is certified in Wilderness Advanced First Aid (90-hours), Swiftwater Rescue, Challenge Course and Climbing Wall Management (AdventureWorks! Ltd) and holds a class 4 Commercial Driver’s license. She is trained in the Art of Hosting facilitation techniques and has worked with and been mentored by an Executive Coach for 2 years.