Stefanie Block, Course Leader


I come to Educo with an open heart and a passion for the work that we do. Working at Educo, I have the opportunity to explore nature, discover myself and share an excitement for life with all of those who dare to drive the long dirt road.

There is a call at Educo to rise to the challenge, and I strive both to push my own limits and engage students to meet this call.

I am so grateful for the experiences that I bring with me to Educo — volunteering with Educo Africa, a course with the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS), interning at the Earthship Biotecture Institute and assisting on and guiding a Vision Fasts with the School of Lost Borders. Currently I am finishing a Masters of Education with SFU, which has brought new aspects to my philosophy as an educator and the work I do with students outdoors. Recently, I have been asking questions about our relationship with the land, our sense of belonging and how we cultivate our identity through our connection with the more­than­human world.

When I am not at Educo I work with other nature­based organizations in the Lower Mainland. You’ll find me on my bike, skiing, or attempting to write poetry as I stare at a sunset. I return to Educo year after year because I continue to be inspired by the work. I likes quiet mornings on the dock and singing, mostly off­key, during wild and crazy dish parties. The further I walk in my journey, the more questions I ask of our world, the more relevant are the opportunities Educo provides in my life.

I see the work Educo does with youth as both urgent and necessary. In a world where young people are faced with the devastation of the earth, the politics of instant communication and the mentality of “more,” it becomes all the more vital to know ourselves and walk leading with our hearts and spirits into the world.

Stef holds certifications in Wilderness First Responder (90­hour wilderness first aid), Swiftwater Rescue Technician Level 1 and from NOLS in backpacking and rock climbing. She is certified with a Class 4 Drivers’ Licence. She has completed a Masters of Education at SFU.