Jozef Bienkowski-Gibbs, Course Leader

Jozef Bienkowski-Gibbs, Educo Course Leader

My name’s Jozef but around Educo most folks call me Binks.

I first came to Educo in 1995 as a ten-year old and it’s been a second home ever since. When not at Educo, I spend my days teaching yoga, chasing waves and adventuring the world over.

I am passionate about active living and mindfulness, which is where my love for Educo and yoga intersect. Whether I am in tree pose in a quiet studio or sitting in the shade of an alpine tree in the mountains, there is a grounded-ness that anchors me in this busy world.

I enjoy the opportunity to share my passions and these grounding experiences with young people.

Jozef holds certifications in Occupational First Aid Level 3 and lifeguarding. He also holds a Class 4 Commercial Driver’s License.