Heidi Read

My Educo experience started 17 years ago when our oldest son was in the transition between grade 7 and grade 8 and I traded his course for product from the Health Food Store. I saw that the course he took that summer gave him a solid footing for the challenges that teens face. I attended the open house following that course and knew that our family was in for the long haul with Educo.

The creativity, passion and spirit of the staff, is conveyed to all who are involved with them. Through the years our middle son and our daughter attended courses and each open house amazed me. Our family volunteers out at Educo regularly and I have instructed yoga for various courses over the years and spent many hours in the kitchen and garden.

Our home is in 100 Mile House and has an open door policy with the Educo Staff – showers, meals, hot tub, computer, TV, etc.. There is never a dull moment with that crew. Higher Ground Natural Foods has an arrangement with Educo for all items at cost. I attend random open houses through the summer to see the staff in action.

I have owned a local 100 Mile House business for 20 years and am a very active member of our community. I hope to bring to Educo my passion for connecting people with their strengths and the appropriate network, business or personal, with what they need. I have extensive local networks and am always prepared to give or return a favour. I do a great job, whatever the task and if I can’t do it, I will find someone who can. I am always open to new ideas and looking at creative ways to improve old ideas.

I have watched years of shifts and change at Educo. I look forward to being able to assist the organization in getting more local recognition. We have an amazing resource for youth in the community and it needs to be recognized and utilized by the residents of 100 Mile House.

I am really excited about the Strategic Plan the board is undertaking. We are going to be part of something amazing!