Dani Kidston

Educo Adventure School - Board Member, Dani Kidston

Better known as Dani, I’ve been interested in adventure since I was a child. First it was exploring my back yard in the Cariboo­ especially climbing a favourite oversized pine tree. Later­ the adventure was planting trees through out the province to pay for university. Eventually the adventure was in exploring new countries as a young adult, big rivers and mountains as a student & guide and of course there’s the adventure of finding my way home to work with youth as a staff at Educo from 2009­2014.

Theses days the adventure is once again close to home­ I have built a small silviculture operation “Tree Amigos Contracting” based in 100 Mile. I enjoy splitting my volunteer time acting as the trainer for South Cariboo Search and Rescue and as secretary to the Board of Directors for Educo. I live in a barn, raise bees, have a super cool cat and a great partner of 13 years. My secret weapon is­ simply­ getting things done.

I don’t know what’s waiting for me on top of the next mountain of a project I choose to climb but I’m proud to serve Educo the best I can to ensure it is ready and thriving on its own next adventure.