Chris White

Educo Adventure School - Board Member, Chris WhiteIt was a radio that changed things. In 1990, my mom was listening to a CBC interview, she heard about a place in northern BC that was incredibly unique. Next thing I knew, my brother and I were on a train bound for 100 Mile House, BC. Since then I have been fortunate enough to be a part of Educo as a student, volunteer, staff, program director, and now on the board of directors.

Writing my letter of resignation as Program Director in 2007 was one of the hardest moments of my life, as it was closing an incredible time in my life. The hardest Educo challenge is always leaving and taking all that you’ve learned and the incredible connections and memories with you.

Educo Adventure School has and always will be a pivotal changing point in my life. It is a place of truth, growth, change and becoming. I feel that Educo is needed in people of all ages, as it has no boundaries. Being on the board of directors will be like an Educo course: full of challenge, growth, direction and inspiration.

I currently work with the British Columbia Government Fish and Wildlife Division, in Penticton, BC.