Ann Skelcher

Educo Adventure School - Board Member, Ann SkelcherI am mother to two ­ Kevin and Dani ­ and partner to one, Herb Craig.

My life’s work has been in education as a teacher, vice­principal and principal at both the elementary and secondary levels. Since my re­tirement in 2008, I have continued my work in education. Through my doctoral studies in crisis recovery and educational leadership, I came to work in northern Alberta and Nunavut and now work as the Senior Engagement Consultant at Thoughtexchange. In this role I help school districts engage with families and community members to help understand their priorities and perspectives.

Educo came into our lives in 1989, when Kevin first participated as a student. We attended his open house celebrations and later, when he was on staff, Herb and I volunteered on course, in the kitchen and in the garden. Dani first participated in 1999. Educo came to work with the my schools. First with Ron, Angela, Scott and Carol in the late 1980s and later with Kevin, Dave MacLeod, Erin Beagle and Chris White in the late 1990s to 2000s. Since 2012, our grandchildren Domenic, Molly and Hugo have participated at Educo and this year our youngest granddaughter, Sophie, will join in the Juniors course.

What Educo means to me and my family ­ touching our souls, authentically connecting to others through wildnerness based experiences and gratitude for all the adventure and connection it has brought into our family.