Our board is a team of passionate and committed humans who provide organizational leadership and oversight for Educo’s activities.

At their quarterly board meetings and in committee meetings, these fine folk engage in real dialogue, explore possibilities and ask big questions. They provide direction to the leadership staff and reflect and advise on continual quality improvement of Educo’s work.

While this team aims to be proactive rather than reactive, they solve problems and respond supportively as needed. They value a diversity of viewpoints in their strategic leadership. The board works hard to promote organizational stability, continuity, consistency and forward thinking.

If you are interested in working with this dedicated team, please contact us at info@educo.ca. You can also check back regularly here for our Call for Nominations (usually posted in early spring – February/March).

Stu Profile

Stuart Clark
Board Chair


Kris Archie
Board Member

Adam Bio Pict

Adam King
Board Member


Deanna Duplessis
Board Member

Educo Adventure School - Course Leader, Stefanie Blok

Stefanie Block

Board Member