About Educo Adventure School

Educo Adventure School acknowledges that we live, learn, and teach on the traditional territories of the Secwepemc Nation.

Educo Students
Hike mountains, paddle canoes, and climb mountains.

Educo Adventure School’s Mission
Inspiring young people for life through transforming wilderness experiences. Young people are encouraged to invite challenge, express themselves, support each other, accept opportunities and participate in the adventures of life.

We seek opportunities to choose courage in adversity and we value the growth achieved by doing so. We believe taking calculated risks, being in nature and living as part of a group provides ample opportunity.

We are young at heart! We aim to find a new perspective. Through exploration, play and journeys we embrace the meaning of re-spect; we “take a second look” and discover!.

Human shares the same root as humility : humus or “of the Earth”. We explore what it means to be human and to be grounded. We appreciate our connection to the Earth, ourselves and others.

We train in honesty, appreciation and vulnerability. We value these skills of a community which provide the circle of support for the voices of people. To become whole and complete requires practice..

We can’t predict what new insights will emerge from a situation but we can be ready to embrace them- that’s the spirit of Educo! We trust that we have everything that we need with and within us and we allow each others defining character – or spirit – to shine through!

Educo’s Camp Site
At Little Holden Lake, in the Cariboo Region of British Columbia is 160 acres of forest, lakes and mountains. The camp site is off-grid, meaning there are no electric amenities nor internet / mobile phone service there.

Programs, Equipment and Facilities
Educo continually strives to ensure all equipment, facilities and programs are scrutinized by appropriate agencies so the experiences provided are safe. Association memberships are maintained and renewed as required. Accreditation standards are complied with with inspections welcomed when renewals are required.

Educo Adventure School is a program of the JUMP! Canada Society, a registered Canadian charity.


BC Camping Association

BC Camping Association is a provincial accrediting organization ensuring accredited camps provide safe and high quality camp experiences. Educo maintains an accredited membership status and is subject to site and operational inspections as scheduled by the BCCA.

ACCT develops, refines, and publishes standards for Installing, maintaining, and managing challenge courses; provides forums for education and professional development; and advocates for the challenge course and adventure industry.

“The programs at Educo are unique in the Cariboo-Chilcotin and have immense impact upon individual growth and maturity.”
– Community Health Nurse for the Xeni Gwet’in Band in the Nemiah Valley, BC